Mobile Workforce Optimiser

  • Enabling more patient-facing time for Clinicians
  • Better service outcomes for patients
  • Reduction in travel and administration
  • Improved Trust performance in line with the NHS 2019 long term plan

STATUS - The Virtual Mobile Working Assistant 

How it works...


Virtual Mobile Working Assistant

Enabling Clinicians to improve the experience of every patient through improved scheduling, whilst optimising travel where possible. Automatically removing frustration caused by poor mobile connectivity, coverage and confusion. It considerably reduces the need for time-consuming IT support


Mobile Management System

Enabling the MMS Mobile management system to provide real-time visibility of an entire mobile workforce. Ensuring staff safety and identifying live operational opportunities to support service improvements to patients and the trust.

Multi-Network SIM

Mission Critical Mobile Airtime

Failing airtime is a problem faced by every mobile provider. No matter what the stated levels of signal reach are, each network has thousands of locations across the UK where their signals do not reach. Mobile clinicians needing to work in a patients house are often at the front line of this issue of dropped connectivity.

An approach to resilience is needed and Tracline has addressed this challenge by creating an approach that harnesses the power of multiple networks, instead of only one. A range of options and approaches are now possible to dramatically improve resilience.

Our Customers

COVID-19 Control Centre

Live Data Feed

Live data feed from clinicians phones while visiting patients.  Showing status of infection by chosen area/geography.

Project Management

We oversee everything from loading of the software 'App' to distribution of multi-network SIM's.

Scaleable Implementation

Whether you have 100 or 1,000 devices, we have an implementation plan and strategy to suit your business.

Performance Analytics

Providing training to isolate performance data that is essential for your business to identify the return on investment.

Managed Services

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