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STATUS - The Mobile Data Management Suite

How it works...

Data Connection Manager

Building on your existing mobile data infrastructure, the STATUS App identifies connection problems and automatically switches the device to the best data connection available, avoiding failure, frustration and increasing productivity and support.

Data Analytics

VISION Analytics collects the data from STATUS and provides detailed enterprise-wide management reporting, from identifying mobile network failure, custom alarms and triggering business processes management tools or software using iBPMS APIs.

Our in-depth analytics uses Power BI to enable management teams to make the most accurate and immediate cost-saving decisions possible.

Mission Critical Data SIM

Finally, if mobile network carriers pose a problem, we have developed the ultimate solution when it comes to planning your mobile voice and data strategy.

Our "Mission Critical" 3-in-1 Network Data SIM gives you three mobile networks for the price of one! No fuss, just a simple change-over and one monthly bill.

Our Customers


Consultancy to Full Managed Services

We have a number of support options available to help ensure the smooth implementation of our mobile data management suite.

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Discovery & Strategy

Firstly, we analyse your existing structure and prepare to tag every device to measure connectivity.

Project Management

We oversee everything from loading of the software 'App' to distribution of multi-network SIM's.

Scaleable Implementation

Whether you have 100 or 1,000 devices, we have an implementation plan and strategy to suit your business.

Performance Analytics

Providing training to isolate performance data that is essential for your business to identify the return on investment.

Managed Services

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