STATUS - Virtual Mobile Working Assistant

Providing a simple overview, aiding clinicians to access patient records at the trust (Windows laptop or tablet), whilst removing connectivity issues and reducing travel time by helpful optimised Navigation.

Now, with more efficient scheduling, sending key & critical information to trust management is done seamlessly and automatically through VISION - Mobile Management


By installing the STATUS Virtual Mobile Work Assistant on a laptop, you are able to monitor connectivity from your mobile 'tethered' set-up.


Using a Windows Tablet or Windows Surface device, the STATUS Virtual Mobile Work Assistant is easily installed by email via an enterprise distribution platform.


The STATUS Virtual Mobile Work Assistant provides users with useful information and transmits Connectivity Data to the Cloud using Microsoft Power BI.



We addressed the most significant problem affecting all users of mobile devices and in conjunction with the DTI created a business tool that provides data management and support where it's needed the most - with your staff.

Combined with Vision Analytics, we ensure optimum mobile and data coverage throughout the UK and help achieve significant financial savings.


Main Dialog Box

This small 'App' appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the device screen and 'at-a-glance' users can see how and where they are connected to the Internet.

The Mobile Management System

VMWA - Reducing Clinician Fruistrations - How?

Delivery & Implementation

Saving Money & Time

Achieving NHS Compliance

Empowering Better Service Delivery

Enabling Clinicians to Achieve Better Outcomes and Service

Technology in Use

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Our exclusive platform remotely assists your users with connectivity support and can also monitor "Not-Spots" before you deploy new devices or SIMs. Let us help you explore the possibilities of getting the most out of your mobile data.


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Mobile Data Project Management

White Paper: Read our approach to Mobile Project Management 'Best Practice' when rolling out a new mobile data strategy for voice & data SIMs

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